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Hi, I'm a graphic artist located in China Grove, NC, just north of Charlotte. My knowledge ranges between apparel printing, fashion, reprographics, offset printing, packaging and presentation.

I worked in the screen-printing industry for over seven years, which helped me develop my skills in printing, garment construction, production planning, separation techniques, computer design, and management. It was during this time I had the pleasure of working with several exceptionally talented artists from whom I learned much.

Additionally, I was employed in the offset and reprographics trade for more than six years, consequently increasing my knowledge in networking, file management, customer service, costing, design and layout, reprographic equipment, prepress, and offset printing. Most importantly, I learned the enormous value quality customer service brings to a business and its reputation.

Finally, I was employed in the fashion and merchandising field for nine years, where my skills grew in package design, prototyping garments and print patterns, presentation materials, product sourcing documentation, and collaborating with major retailers. This area has been a very challenging opportunity, which has afforded ample occasions to utilize all my skills and develop new ones. I am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

I recently received a degree in Web Technologies with an emphasis on databases, and am currently working for Delhaize America as a graphic artist. I am always interested in new projects or exploring potential opportunities. Please use my Contact page to ask questions or leave comments.

About this Website

I wanted an easy to maintain site, so I utilized XHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript technologies. Additionally, I wanted to make changes on the fly without additional coding. Solution, content is added and deleted in MySQL database, then PHP program updates the pages making my life easier.

Aptana Studio 3, freeware, made coding XHTML, CSS, and PHP easier, and all graphics were created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Finally, Blue Host has a great user interface and excellent tools, which makes it my choice for hosting. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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